Adventure from Africa to Europe

Choking back tears as I said goodbye, my home for the past five months disappeared behind the wings of the turbulent plane. The time spent in Malawi was a necessary eye-opening, heart-softening, and soul-growing time that taught me more than I can explain. Moving to the next phase in my walk with Christ, I cannot wait to see what He has in store!

Since my last update, I have had a last minute flight diversion; lost my main suitcase between Africa and Europe; spent a weekend in Rome; and been to six countries. Even though losing my luggage and having my flight diverted sounds obnoxious and stressful, the Lord was and is in control and allowed these things to happen in my favor.

If you haven’t already, feel free to check out my travel vlog here:

Two nights before my flight was scheduled to leave for Madrid, Spain, I received an email from the airline. It stated that the flight from Ethiopia to Madrid had been canceled and rerouted to Rome. I had two choices: Take the changes at no extra charge or cancel the flight and get a refund on the entire itinerary. There were no other flights available from Malawi to Spain for a few days and I had received an amazing price on the current itinerary. I felt like the first option was the direction The Lord wanted me to take. It ended up saving me some money to take the diverted flight instead of booking another flight that would have cost me a lot more than the original.

Because of the itinerary change, my flights were all screwed up in the system, and my baggage was lost in transit. My wonderful Aunt Jenni and I are working with my travel insurance agency to get reimbursement for the loss. The Lord is in control and His will be done!

God is amazing. Through all the mishaps and stresses of travels, He shows how He is always watching!

Now in Spain, I am living on a campground between Gandiá and Valencia on the east coast. I am helping the owner, who is a single, non-Christian mother, around her property and tutoring her 14-year-old son. During my free time, I am working on more content for my blog and YouTube channel.

On a “mountain” near where I am living on the east coast of Spain.

Right now, there are only a handful of openly Christian YouTube channels and blogs that are hip and trendy and grab the attention of 16 to 30-year-olds. I want to change that. I feel like I am in a unique position because a lot of people my age want to travel and follow God, and I am thankful that I actually get to have that opportunity. Many young adults think that Christianity is their grandma’s religion, but I want to show them that it isn’t boring to be a Christ follower. We are all created with a grand purpose, but we must find it through a relationship with God.

Because I have not received enough financial support at this stage to go to YWAM Ships Kona, for the School of Navigation, some of the plans have changed. The YWAM Ships Kona heard about my setback and referred me to YWAM Next Wave in Europe. YWAM Next Wave is a mobile base (ship) devoted to assisting in the physical, emotional, and spiritual need of refugees fleeing ISIS and other hostile regimes worldwide. The School of Navigation is the same as in Kona, just certifications through the Royal Yacht Association instead of the American Sailing Association. This school is not only more affordable tuition-wise but also closer geographically, so to travel to and attend YWAM Next Wave in Europe will be about one-fifth of the cost of attending the school in Kona, Hawaii.

Your prayers and support are always welcome and appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Adventure from Africa to Europe

  1. Domanic, Thanks for sharing. Valencia looks a lot different than when I was there in the 1970s. I hope you get to see more of Spain. There are some really cool sites in the interior as well as the coast. Have fun and we are keeping you in our prayers. Love you.


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