Keeping me in missions

It is amazing that a year ago I announced that I was going into missions, and God still has me here! As a result, I am in need of financial partners in order to keep me in missions.  

Most of you probably don’t know that when I went into the mission field last August, the Lord had me sell my belongings and cash out my savings and retirement accounts to place my trust and reliance in Him. Since then, He has lead me to the island of Lesvos, Greece, just 4 miles from the coast of Eastern Turkey. The proximity to Turkey makes it desirable for refugees fleeing from the Middle East and North Africa, making Lesvos the largest receiver of refugees in Greece. In 2015-16, six-hundred-thousand from the Middle East came here via Turkey.  

The camps here on Lesvos have near 5,000 men women and children refugees who may never be processed for asylum. Sadly, most will be deported back to their broken countries. For many of these refugees, we Christian volunteers are the only light of Christ they may ever see. And many are coming to that light. As a follower of Christ I am called to serve the least of these, as He did. With this clear direction from The Lord, I knew that He even had my finances in mind. When I landed in Greece I only had $50 to my name. I fully trust in the Lord that my needs will be met, but you can put yourself in the story by supporting the mission God has placed on my heart.

Any amount either monthly or one-time is highly appreciated!

My fundraising goals:

$500 per month is the bare minimum and keeps me here living tight budget but not enough to visits back home.

$1,000 per month is the best most ideal amount and would cover living expenses, enable me to visit home once per year, protect me from unexpected expenses, and I could afford to go on one or two short term outreach trips each year.

If interested in supporting, please visit:

If you have any questions or want more information, please don’t hesitate to message or email me, we can always set up a Facebook messenger or Skype call as well.

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