Commitment isn’t my strong suit….

Asking me to make a commitment is about as easy as giving a cat a bath. I loathe commitments. I always feel locked in, stuck, and claustrophobic by their restraints. Knowing my hate for commitments, I have decided to make one. This one is a two-year, nerve-wracking contract. I have decided, only through God’s guiding Hand, to become staff here at YWAM Next Wave, and partner pioneering base, YWAM Lesvos. My calling is to three ministries here on Lesvos:

1. Work with Brian Sloan on YWAM Next wave, YWAM International Elder and board member of YWAM England, to re-pioneer the ships’ ministries and help organize the training offered on board.

2. Help the staff at YWAM Lesvos to pioneer the new base and YWAM presence on the island, and create a community center for refugees where we may offer classes to learn English, Biblical studies, and much more.

3. Last, but not least, help regularly at the refugee camp, 2 – 4 days per week. Not many of the staff here go to the camp regularly, but I feel called to go consistently to keep relations with the refugees. Also, not many volunteers can stay more than three months because of visa restrictions, but I will be on the unlimited Seaman’s Visa (thanks to the School of Navigation I am in now,) so I will be a steady person for the camp, which is rare and much needed.

God has blessed me with strengths in organization, writing processes, and working on making operations more efficient, so I feel that He wants me to use those skills to help each of the ministries listed above.

The word “excitement” doesn’t even come close to expressing my emotions for what I am feeling about the amazing opportunities and doors the Lord has opened for me through obedience.

Because of a visa situation, one other student and I in the School of Navigation have, I will be leaving Greece for England in July. The Lord has not revealed how long I will spend there or all the plans He has, but I am excited to see what He will do! During my time in the U.K., I will be taking a STCW Basic Safety Training Course, the last necessary certification for me to serve on any of the 26 YWAM Ships worldwide. 

Sadly, there are not a lot of people in YWAM who are qualified to serve as crew on board the YWAM ships, so the demand is high for those who are qualified. As a result of the shortage, I may help some other ships in the fleet from time to time, as God directs.

Being staff in YWAM isn’t free. Everyone, from the founder to the newest staff member (me), has to pay their way for everything. Bases only run off of donations and what the staff and volunteers pay in accommodation.  

In two weeks, by June 29, I need to raise my monthly support income by $1,125. I hope that you share my passion for the Gospel being spread to the nations and would consider partnering with me financially.

Monthly Expenses (calculated from Euros):

*Accommodation … $340

*Food … $180

Insurance … $225

Transport … $75

Travel to Visit Home Once a Year … $280

Personal Care … $100

Total … $1,200

Current Income Monthly … $130

Still Needed Monthly … $1,070

*Expenses set by YWAM Lesvos 

I am confident that the Lord will provide the necessary funds and am excited to see how He uses His children to give to His mission. Please join me in our calling to expand the Kingdom of God.

To partner financially click here.

Thank you for all your continued support and prayers!May His Kingdom and will be done,

Domanic Jordan

P.S. Please share this, I will take all the fundraising help I can get!

P.P.S. Don’t hesitate to contact me, I am always eager to chat more about the things the Lord has placed on my heart!

2 thoughts on “Commitment isn’t my strong suit….

  1. Domanic,
    Hi, you keep changing bases, jobs, missions through YWAM. I find it wonderful that you are able to do this and I wish you well. I pray for you and for your safety. I will be getting in touch with your grandmother soon, so will send something for you via her. It won’t be much as I am on a limited budget, but I feel this is a worthy cause and I wish you well.
    We love and miss you here and when you do get to come home we will be so happy to see you. Continue trusting the Lord for His guidance in your life. Take care and may God Bless. Love and hugs, Aunt Deana.


    1. Hey Deana!
      Yes, the base is Africa was the initial Discipleship Training School to be a part of YWAM, my time in Spain was to help a single mother while waiting for the School of Navigation and Seamanship to come along here in Greece, and now I am here at the YWAM base in Lesvos, Greece.

      Sorry, I know it has been a little confusing. If you have more questions I would love to answer and chat, if you send me a private email I could give you a call some time

      Thank you so much for your generosity, every little bit helps!

      Love you,
      Domanic Jordan


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