Imagine being nearly blind, where you can see shapes and colors, but not defined features.  Your world is fuzzy.  That is what you knew and how you lived your life and didn’t know better.  A life lived where your view of the world and path in front of you is never very clear.

Reflecting back, I see now how blurry my vision was. At the time, it seemed clear, but actually when I look back, I had no idea what was in store!  When I had to leave the Bluewater DTS in Greece because of visa problems, my vision was blurred.  But, as per usual, God knew exactly what was next and never skipped a beat.

Tanner & Melinda Neufeld at their wedding.

After a short time back to the U.K., I went to Canada for the wedding of Tanner and Melinda Neufeld, both were my fellow students in the 2017 School of Navigation and Seamanship on the Next Wave in Greece.  It was one of the most enjoyable events that I’ve had the privilege of attending due to their amazing family and friends who made it happen. Though the Neufelds are now in YWAM full time, their tight budget didn’t hold them back from being blessed with a FREE and beautiful wedding venue on Niagara River.  Though the name would suggest it, I still left Niagara without properly seeing the famous falls.

Me giving a presentation on the past 2-years in missions.

I then continued to Kansas City where I spent a whirlwind of a week catching up with as many people as I could manage, along with a 2-Year in Missions Open House.  Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the Open House. It was amazing to see so many friendly faces under one roof.

Every time I visit, it gets a little harder to leave. Each time, people have aged, their paths have changed, or I just plain miss them!  The most memorable and hardest things to leave are the moments I get to sit around the table with family and friends merely laughing and sharing stories.  Ministry isn’t without its toll, and that toll is never more evident than when visiting home.

In Thailand: a few of the gentlemen I have the honor of working with in YWAM Ship-Equipped Ministries community.

YWAM Together is Youth With A Mission’s largest international conference that is held every two years.  This year, 4,000 attended in Pattaya, Thailand.  Thousands of Bibles were distributed, numerous healed, and the nation of Thailand empowered for this next season of their history.
I attended the Together Conference immediately following my visit of KC.  The time in Thailand was (nearly) the most productive time of my life.  Because it was so big and so many attended, everyone we needed for approvals, in regard to new training initiatives, where there!  I was able to get done in a week, what a month or two worth of slow response emails would have achieved.  It was also an amazing time of relationship building and getting to know more of the YWAM Ships community.  I am so humbled to be a part of this community, and what the Lord is doing through YWAM world-wide!

The current YWAM Ship-Equipped Ministries world-wide.

There are a lot of big developments that we are working on to make the YWAM ships more impactful, have a wider reach, and to be more efficient in how we operate.  As a lot of the bigger projects we are working on are not official or are still being discussed, I am not allowed to write about them on a public form like this.

It constantly amazes me how much bigger God is than everything else.  Example: how am I, Domanic Jordan, able to go from no experience with vessels, to helping create a maritime training degree course within one of the most international universities on the planet?  How little am I, yet some ideas I have been inspired with are making small, yet positive, changes in the world’s largest international missions movement?

Oh, how TRUE it is when He said, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” [2 Corinthians 12:9] I thank the Lord that I was not qualified to do any of this work, because through my weakness, HIS power is made evident.  This is clear: it is not through me, but through Christ that all my works are achieved and made possible!

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