Anyone can be a missionary, whether that means going to foreign countries, living as an example in your town, or enabling those who are called to be involved in ministry. Whatever your specific calling, we all ultimately have the same goal; furthering the Kingdom of God.  Help me stay in missions and put yourself in the story by supporting the mission God has placed on my heart.

Checks made out to:
Domanic Jordan
Mail-in address:
17902 Bristol Way
Independence, MO 64057
Monthly or online donations:

Here is a breakdown of what your donation can do to help me in the mission field:
(Costs converted from GBP to USD)

$5 = A coffee discipleship meeting
$10 = Photoshop software for one month
$25 = Phone service for one month
$70 = Food for a month
$70 = Local transport for one month
$100 = Website/Blog service for one year
$175 = Rent for one month
$225 = Debt repayment for one month
$250 = Flights and travel expenses


If you have any questions or concerns in regard to supporting the mission or about making a change to a donation or monthly pledged that has already been submitted, please do not hesitate to drop me a line here: