A Time for Thanks

Being Thanksgiving, there is a whirlwind of emotions tumbling about my mind. The memories and traditions of my family are deeply missed this season.

Quickly throwing off the covers, as a boy of seven years old, I realized that today was the day of the Thanksgiving Day Parade. My mother and I then sat cozily in front of the static screen of the old television, we create turkey place name tags out of paper towel rolls, hand-shaped cutouts on multicolored paper and stringy hot glue. Later we get ready for the dinners that are to take place, for me and my large family, that usually means I will be eating at least three, if not six, Thanksgiving meals! Though there are so many to attend, each has a special place in my heart. Being abroad, most people haven’t even heard of Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving I am more thankful for all that I have than I have ever been.

Thank you Lord,

For calling me out to reach your lost people, and taking me on an adventure to see your beautiful creation. Thank you for blessing me with my absolutely amazing, irreplaceable, and beyond supportive family. Thank you for your amazing and mysterious ways you provide for me to be equipped to serve you. Thank you for all the incredible people you have placed in my life that have helped shape me into the man I am proud to be today. Thank you for everything that I take for granted and don’t even realize that I have. Thank you for the amazing memories with my family that I have to cherish and look back on this holiday season. Open my eyes to more of the ways you have blessed me so that I may give you more glory. Thank you for Your Son who came to save us and deliver us from our selfish hearts.

Happy Thanksgiving! I love you,


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