One year later….

It has been nearly 365 days since I have left the United States of America!  The Lord is so good, and His presence in my life is overwhelming!  I have travelled 27,000 miles, personally seen over 60 people healed, ministered in 9 different countries, pastored or preached at over 18 churches, and seen around 125 men, women, and children give their lives to Christ!

The first church I ever preached to in Blantyre, Malawi

Though the last 12 months I have been moving around a bit, I have a testimony of the Lord working in every place He has directed me.  In Malawi, dozens came to their Saviour in groups.  In Ireland, though only there for a few days, the Lord directed me to a church where a woman was healed, after suffering with chronic knee pain for years.  In Greece, we made friends with Muslims and one came to Christ saying, “Being a Muslim is just a status word around here and it doesn’t mean they live an honourable life, but Christians are different!”  Now I am able to work with the YWAM ships worldwide.

Ministry vessels in YWAM is the fastest growing mission initiative in the organization, with even greater needs needing to be met.  YWAM Ships aims to meet the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of people groups inaccessible by any other means, places like the isolated islands of the Pacific, the Amazon River area, off the coasts of Africa, and many more locations.

School of Navigation class of 201 from left to right: Melinda Mitterhauser, Domanic Jordan (me), Benedict Aiton, Tanner Neufeld, Brian Sloan (Instructor), Johnny Otley, Matthew Baumgardner (Instructor), Benjamin Klett, and Erik Lambert

In Greece I was able to start my maritime training, which enables me to work with and train others to serve on the YWAM ministry vessels internationally.  Currently, I am working along with a few of the international leaders of YWAM Ships to develop a brand new platform for coordinating the crew, trainees, and vessels with each other to make the ministry as effective as possible.  Also, we aim to streamline the training processes to keep missionary maritime training costs low.  With such growth in the ministry, our model of multiplication and training, with the intention of them training others, is a must.

Last week, as a part of receiving the legal certifications to work aboard YWAM ships, I participated in the STCW Basic Training Course.  The Basic Training is a 5-day course that covers First Aid at Sea, Personal Sea Survival, Firefighting, and other essential safety training.

Firefighting days at the STCW Basic Training in Brighton, England

In mid-September I will be heading to the country of Vanuatu in the the Pacific, between New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.  YWAM has a large hospital vessel, the Pacific Hope, currently serving the island that is changing management from a base in New Zealand to being run by a new base in Panama.  The journey from Vanuatu to Panama will be around a month of open sea travel.  Thankfully, I found flights cheaper than the regular $1300.  Upon further research I found that I am able to get to the isolated island for only $900 because of an extended layover in Sydney, and that includes lodging for the layover!  After some maintenance, sailing, and mooring to the new location in Panama, I expect to be back to YWAM Harpenden, outside of London, by the end of November.

The YWAM Vessel the Pacific Hope

Now that I am currently back at the base, YWAM Harpenden, I have officially submitted my application to be staff for 2 years.  As a formality, I will be called staff of YWAM Harpenden, but it will be much more.  My primary function will be working with YWAM Ships internationally, as Brian Sloan, one of the YWAM Ships international leaders, lives here and will make working with the ships ministry easier.  I have already developed a new website, wrote new staff and student manuals, and been coordinating the missionary training schools for YWAM Next Wave next year.  The curriculum development and training programs we are pioneering could enable the goal of going from 26 vessels in our fleet today, to 40 vessels by 2020, a reality.  With the Lord’s guidance.  Along with working with the ships ministries, I will also work with YWAM Harpenden and their ministries, such as: working with pioneering bases they are overseeing, staffing missionary training schools, developing websites for other YWAM bases, doing lawn care and maintenance for the base, and much more.

When I think the things that I am doing don’t sound all that great through the lens of a missionary, I remember the words of my late great-grandmother, Olive Church, “If you want to impact hundreds of lives be a teacher, but if you want to impact thousands upon thousands of lives, teach the teachers!”  Working with the YWAM Ships leaders to refine our curriculum, I see the Lord is leading me to do just that!  More missionaries will be called up, and we will teach them to be teachers and the Gospel will reach the nations!


Monthly Needs
To continue ministering where the Lord guides, I need $1000 Per month.  I completely rely on my supporters to keep me in the mission field, and need your help! I have $530 per month pledged already, that leaves only $470 per month needed to reach my goal!!

If you are interested in becoming a financial partner, please checkout for online or snail mail, reoccurring or one time giving options.

One-Time Needs
The Lord has called me to work with the ships ministries, but to do so I need an equipment upgrade.  My computer was originally purchased only for office work, but now I am dealing with website development, graphic design, video editing, and much more that can’t be efficiently executed on my current equipment.  Your support in this situation is appreciated, and I literally cannot do this without you!  One time amount needed for upgrade is $1,550

If you are interested in donating to the computer upgrade I need to efficiently support the ministry the Lord has called me to, please check out my YouCaring Page here.

I know this all sounds like a lot, but if even just a few were willing to give up something small, such as:

One coffee per month = $5 pledge
One Chipotle meal per month = $10 pledge
One “nice” meal out per month = $20 pledge
One unnecessary purchase per month = $50 pledge

It would mean the world to me!

Thank you so much for all the support, prayers, and encouragement as I continue the walk the Lord has for me!

Let His will be done and to Him all the glory,
Domanic Jordan

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