Serving God in the Pacific

The ways God works never ceases to amaze me.  He orchestrated the YWAM ship the Pacific Hope to be moved to the Caribbean months ago, and now there is a huge need for hurricane relief in the same area where ship is going. Through the continuation of developing the new ministry for training missionaries to be crew aboard the YWAM ships, people with the same vision from God are contributing to make it a quicker reality than I dreamed possible.   The Lord’s work also includes miracles of healing, like the relief of chronic leg pain after an obedient prayer was offered for a woman in great need.

Here is a brief video with some of what has been happening:

I sit here on the other side of the world in the small island chain of Vanuatu, north of New Zealand by a three-hour flight.  For the first time since writing blog updates, what I should write isn’t coming easily.  I could talk about the boring logistics of some amazing headway we have made pushing forward with the development of missionary maritime training we are going to call YWAM Ships Training.  I could share about the amazing time learning, worshipping, and fellowshipping with fellow YWAMers in France with the Western European Discipleship Training School Leadership Gathering 2017, and how to deal with difficult situations within the DTS context.  I could tell you how I am working two 4-hour watch shifts per day on board the YWAM ship the Pacific Hope, along with painting and prepping the vessel for the coming 30-day journey to the Caribbean.

In the Bridge of the YWAM Ship the Pacific Hope currently in Vanuatu getting ready to serve in the Caribbean.

Instead, I think I will elaborate on my financial situation, because sadly, I am still in great need.  All the work listed above and more, I do voluntarily.  No pay.  No benefits.  No exceptions.  Everything from the food that is in my stomach, the clothes that I wear, the transportation from here to there, and the place where I lie at night, all have to be paid for by me.  The only way I am able to pay for these basic necessities is through the support that you give.

Even though I have a deficit of support, I am not letting the physical get in the way of God’s larger plan.  Many of you may think, “Oh he must have all the support he needs, because he keeps going to different places.”  But the answer, sadly, is no.  When I hear the Lord clearly for me to go somewhere on His behalf, I go.  I don’t let my bank account dictate the Lord’s will.  I know 100% that He will take care of my needs in one way or another.

If you could in any way help support what I am doing for the Kingdom, His children, and through YWAM, please CLICK HERE.

P.S. I will try and get one more update out before the big sail, so keep a lookout.

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