It seems basic, but we all need this reminder…

Persecution.  It is almost the norm today for most.  In a world divided in so many ways, it is hard to keep your eyes on what really matters.

A few days ago my little sister Isabella sent me this.  I am very proud of the words she said, and It is a great foundational reminder we all need to hear from time to time.

I think almost everyone reading this knows and can maybe even quote John 3:16, but I don’t think people really think about it very much.  Think about it this way: Imagine your only son, daughter, niece or nephew whom you love very very much and enjoy his cute smiles and everything else about him– just imagine letting him die–letting him die for a world filled with people who mostly don’t listen to you or do what you say or even respect you.  What if you let your own son die just to save those people?  That would be hard, wouldn’t it?  You would know that you could save your son, but you wouldn’t.  You would do it because you love those people so much.  You love them a lot more than they could ever imagine or even start to imagine.  Well, instead of you, it was God.  God did it because he loves us all individually and the same, and He always will.  We just need to show Him that we love Him the same way.  That might take some time, but I think an eternal life with God is worth all the pain and the work.

When Christ hung on the cross, He was thinking of you.  He died for every sin you have committed and ever will commit because He wants a relationship with you.  The amazing thing about our God is; He doesn’t force anyone to follow Him, He lets us choose.  He died for you, isn’t the least you can do, is to live for Him?

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