I’m back!

Twenty-nine days at sea really makes you appreciate the life of a landlubber. The sweet feel of stable ground beneath your feet.  The plethora of food options.  The aroma of nature. These everyday things can be sorely missed when you are isolated on a ship in the middle of the ocean!
The YWAM Ship, the Pacific Hope, and all of her crew arrived safely in Panama!  The journey from Fiji to Panama was long and exhausting. We had a twenty-four hour, 360-degree view of water for days. These things aside, all glory goes to God for the safe voyage, a great crew, and a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to see the Lord continue His work in the Caribbean!

On the Bridge of the YWAM Ship the Pacific Hope, somewhere in the middle of the Pacific.  All men freshly shaved for a facial hair growing competition.  (I won nicest facial hair HA!)

But a lot has happened since then.

In my last update, I mentioned the possibility of going to Texas or Florida, so that I could submit my visa for the U.K.  I wasn’t really sure what was in store, other than the fact that I needed to be in the USA for the visa application.  In a step of faith, and as Fiji disappeared into the distance, I booked a flight to Kansas City!  Keeping the visit to KC a secret was the hard part, but totally worth it.  I was able to surprise my immediate family on Thanksgiving Day! Nobody suspected a thing!


When I bought the flights to Kansas City, we were steaming away from Fiji, with Panama as our next stop.  I booked it for November 21st, which is what the Lord told me to buy.  When I informed the Captain, he said, “That is cutting it a little close.” To which I responded, “I am sure we will get there in time!”

A few weeks later, the captain said “We are going slower than anticipated, you should really change your flight.”

Just a few days from Panama he said, “Seriously, you need to change your flight.”

So, for me to clear customs, get ashore, find transportation to the airport, go through security, and make my flight on time, the ship needed to pull into port and drop anchor by 3:00am on November 21st.  We arrived at 11:00pm on November 20th, which was just 4-hours before my deadline.  To show you how big of a deal that was, even a week out from Panama, our ETA calculator on the GPS gave a three-day range of when we could arrive.  So, to arrive within hours, was a God thing.

The biggest part of the whole situation was that one of the ship’s volunteers, who was not a Christian, said to me before I left, “That was a really big step of faith to trust God enough that you didn’t change your flight, even just for the added security.” That made the stress of trusting Him, so much more reassuring.

Back in Kansas City

The length of my stay in Kansas City was unknown, as the visa process can take anywhere from two weeks to two months to finalize.  My visa was back within a week!

My time in KC was absolutely amazing, but not as restful as I had anticipated.  Every day, I had two or more people to see, which meant driving all around town (shout out to the Robert’s family for loaning me a car!). Each visit meant the world to me, even if I was on the move most of my stay. I know that I didn’t get the chance to see everyone, so I apologize if I missed the opportunity to connect.

One thought that really sunk in during my time in KC: Ministry isn’t just “somewhere out there,” it’s in every conversation and interaction.

Early Christmas ice skating in KC with some of the besties.

In the United Kingdom

Last week, I moved to a YWAM base in North London in the suburb, Harpenden.  I have officially committed to serving out of Harpenden for the next two-years.  That being said, I will be working as the Development Coordinator for the new ministry YWAM Ships Training, a training initiative to give missionaries the tools and skills to operate and crew the growing fleet of YWAM Ships internationally.  As Harpenden is just the training headquarters, I will be here and there working to develop training programs at our other bases worldwide.

Along with the task of developing more ships training bases, I also manage and coordinate the schools, training, and administration for the YWAM Ship the Next Wave in Lesvos, Greece.  As such, I will be the School Administrator/School Leader-in-Training of both the upcoming School of Navigation and Seamanship (April – June 2018), and the Bluewater Discipleship Training School (July – December 2018).

YWAM’s God-given-goal is to go from the 27 vessels that we currently use to serve the unreached, to 40 vessels by 2020.  The vision God has placed on my heart is to work with YWAM to grow and organize the crew and personnel training for the Ship Equipped ministries of YWAM, so I can play a part in making the goal of 40 ships a reality.  

Christmas morning brunch at the YWAM base in Harpenden, United Kingdom.

Ministry Needs

The appreciation I have for all my supporters is unsurmountable and I literally could not do this mission without you!

One of my biggest supporters has informed me that, because of family needs and unexpected expenses, they will stop financially supporting in the coming months.  My gratitude for the heads up is great, as this allows me time to raise support to fill the gap.

With the deficit of support, prior to the loss of this regular supporter, in addition to this setback, makes my fundraising goal $900 per month, by June 1, 2018.  I know the Lord’s has control of my financial situation and His will be done.

Would you like to support the mission and vision to reach the unreached around the world?  If so, please go to thecluelessdisciple.com/support for multiple support options.  Any support you can give to the mission is extremely helpful!

Prayer Requests

  • As our ministry of YWAM Ships Training is kind of a “Start-Up,” a few more administrative staff, qualified people to train, and students that are led to work with the Ships ministries are needed to move us forward in the coming year.
  • With all the people and opinions involved, that only the Lord’s will would be done and the ministry would not get bogged down by man’s politics.
  • A few of my family members back in KC going through rough spots.
  • Financial deficits won’t be a stumbling block for that the Lord has in store this year.


Thank you for all the continued prayers, encouragement and support!  If you have any questions or would like to talk and catch up, please don’t hesitate to email or Facebook message me. 
– Domanic Jordan

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