A full schedule

Life is complicated, busy, and there are too many opportunities to even think about merely doing one!  I absolutely love what I am doing, and it helps that I have an amazing boss; Jesus!

As mentioned below, I am pretty busy, but there are always things that I would still love to do, but there aren’t enough hours in a day.  I would love to restart doing photography as a hobby/side job.  Now with me seeing all that I don’t know in business, I would love to go back to University to get a degree in International Business and Marketing.  With the ships ministries, I have a dream to start two new YWAM maritime training bases sometime in the future.

I have confidence that all of these will, someday and somehow come to fruition, as I strongly feel like they are words from the Lord.  As with all things though, “Wait patiently for the LORD. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the LORD.” Psalm 27:14. Because He has all things in his hands and in His timing!

The impact of having good training is, having trained personnel around the world.  This photo was while I was serving on the Pacific Hope in Vanuatu and we were evacuating people from an island with an exploding volcano.

Things are in full swing for both schools I am coordinating and staffing this year on the YWAM ship the Next Wave in Greece.  We already have around five applicants for the School of Navigation and Seamanship (SONS) and are ironing out the details for the daily schedule and lesson plan.  It starts in less than two months!  If you would like to check out more details about the school, check out this link: ywamnextwave.org/sons.

What is the School of Navigation and Seamanship (SONS)?
The aim of the SONS is to equip missionaries with the basic knowledge and skills to help them become qualified crew in order to serve God and bless the needy through YWAM ships globally. Our vessels need both qualified seafarers and passionate missionaries to meet the great task before us and embrace the opportunities God has given us in this age. Though this marine training, both these needs can be met and allow blessings to set sail.

Dawning personal protective equipment (PPE) exercise

I have been contacting the speakers we want to teach on the Discipleship Training School (DTS) and have 7 of the 12 locked in!  It is a LOT harder than it sounds with twelve different peoples’ schedules and keeping the lectures in an order that makes sense.  Also, we already have six students applied to attend the DTS!  If you would like to check out more details about the school as well, check out this link: ywamnextwave.org/bluewater-dts (Side note: I designed the website!).

What is a Discipleship Training School (DTS)?
Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a six-month adventure that will deepen your faith and challenge you to live a life worthy of the calling God has given you. This intensive program fuels inward transformation and outward application through worship, teachings, prayer, evangelism, service, and compassion. It is split into two sections; a lecture phase with a focus to know God and an outreach phase with a mission to make God known.

July'15 DTS & crew
One of the last Discipleship Training Schools on-board

This is kind of what my “regular” week looks like while at YWAM Harpenden:

  • Monday through Friday: Coordinating and marketing the School of Navigation and Seamanship and Bluewater (sailing) DTS that will take place on board the YWAM ship the Next Wave in Lesvos, Greece.  Also, building and maintaining the websites for the Next Wave and for the YWAM Ships Training program we are developing.
  • Tuesday afternoon: Serving with Property Services to work on maintenance and lawn care for the base.
  • Wednesday after lunch: Volunteering at the on-base Oval Café to serve the local community.
  • Thursday afternoon: Learning IT and website development in out Tech Hub on-base to better my skills to serve the websites I manage for YWAM.
  • Thursdays: Local ministry meetings.
  • Fridays: Small group.
  • Saturday: Resting.
  • Sundays: Churching.

In February I am going to Geneva, Switzerland, to grow our ministry support network and recruit interested bases for our ships training programs.  The second part of my trip will be working with the media and communication team that developed the University of the Nations website in Lausanne.  We will be brainstorming, and I will be learning from them on how to best develop the new website that will be the hub for the training programs for YWAM ship’s crew.  I am excited because, the U of N site is really amazing, and if I can glean enough knowledge from them, maybe this new site I am building will at least be pretty good!

My official YWAM Harpenden staff photo

As a missionary with YWAM, everything I do is not only volunteer, but I have to pay for food, room, transportation, flights, clothes, insurance, etc.  I am only able to pay these fees and costs by the finances I am able to raise from supporters like you!  Help me stay in missions and put yourself in the story by supporting the mission God has placed on my heart.

To support the mission God has called me to live, click here.

Thank you for all your continued prayers and support!

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