Seeing the fruit

When predictability is high, impact is low. In other words, when the audience thinks they know what you’re going to say, and you go ahead and say it, your words make very little impact. On the other hand, when an audience is surprised or intrigued, they will think long and hard about what they’ve heard….

if we’re trying to live questionable lives, then cutting the lawn, saying hi to the neighbors, washing our car, walking the dog and driving to the office every day is hardly an intriguing lifestyle. We need the impetus to propel us outward, into the lives of our neighbors, but also upward, into deeper intimacy with Jesus. We need to become a godly, intriguing, socially adventurous, joyous presence in the lives of others.”  Michael Frost, Surprise the World! The Five Habits of Highly Missional People

We are called to live “questionable lives” that make people question why we operate the way we do, then we have the opportunity to tell them about our relationship with Christ!

Surprise the World! The Five Habits of Highly Missional People is a great book (thank you Church of the Four Corners for the recommendation), I highly suggest the read!

Working in the fleet support office at YWAM Ships Kona

My “questionable life” the past few months has led to some pretty amazing fruits!  Thank you, Jesus!!!

For the past month+ I have been visiting the major YWAM Ships campuses to talk training needs and collaboration strategies.  I have visited YWAM Ships Kona, YWAM Medical Ships New Zealand, and YWAM Medical Ships Australia.  The talks have been more productive than we could have imagined!

When in Kona, I met a man through a “divine” appointment who has had a vision for 20-years too, “enable and help mobilize the church through the telling of victory stories from the front lines [of the mission field], in an effort to inspire the advancement of the kingdom of God.”

Months earlier, while in Thailand, I met with some brainstorming groups to talk about a new project for a channel that will be streaming a 24/7 feed of stories about ministry and news from the front lines.

Because I followed where the Lord has directed me in regard to this trip AND going to Thailand, I was able to connect these two visions.

There was another story like this that really showed me that I am not just chasing after my own dreams, but following God’s vision to connect His people.  Sadly, I forgot it….

On my way to YWAM Ships Kona, I met up with Erik, a fellow YWAM Ships guy who suffered a severe motorcycle accident.  Thankfully, he is making a full recovery!

One of our ships ministries, YWAM Ships Kona, who only has two of the 27 YWAM vessels, achieved this in 2017:

  • Reached 231 villages with the Gospel
  • Served 49,997 patients with life changing treatment
  • Installed 598 water filtration systems
  • Performed 3,777 surgeries

All services provided by YWAM Ships are free of charge and only possible by volunteers and financial partners.

Nearly all of these patients were only reachable by ship because of how isolated the islands are.

Here is a corporate promotional video from YWAM Medical Ships Australia:

Pretty crazy right?!

Our vision is to see more called to ministry with the ships and be trained to become qualified crew, which in turn, makes reaching these people with the gospel a reality!

Here is a glimpse of the fruit from my YWAM Ships trip so far:

Today, YWAM runs 1 course in maritime (ship) training at 2 locations.  We now have 16+ training programs at 5 locations scheduled over the next 3-years….. and I still have one more stop at YWAM Ships Newcastle!

This amount of collaboration between the YWAM Ships Community is unprecedented and gives us amazing hope for the future of the ministry globally.

We are thankful for this fruit that is only possible by God going before us in our endeavors!

Thank you for your support and prayers as we continue to go into uncharted territory to see the Word of God reach all nations within our lifetimes!

My Reformation Day jack-o-lantern, Hawaiian style 🤙

How are you living a “questionable life?”  What is the next step for you to become more “questionable?  I would love to hear your response, if you wish to share, please email me at!

If you would like to support this ministry, please see:


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