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Update on the University of the Nations Maritime Academy

During the last few weeks of 2018, leading up to New Years, I was really pushing to see what God had envisioned for 2019.  This year will definitely have a different flavor to the one we just saw.

In 2018, we traveled around the world (twice), planting seeds about more efficiently equipping those called to serve the forgotten people on coastlines and islands around the world.  I personally visited four of the largest YWAM vessel equipped ministries around the world.  I used this time to cast the vision of a unified effort for training and glean understanding of how all the parts (campuses and ships) work together for the Body of Christ.

This year, I believe, that we (our University of the Nations Maritime Academy team) are to be in a season of watering, fertilizing, and pruning the seeds we planted in the year’s past.  We are taking this season to follow through with what we have already communicated, build a solid foundation and structure for the Maritime Academy, and continue to build our team and ensure we do not overload ourselves with the task at hand.

Highlight: We may soon be in a position to accept grants!  We envision two funds (for now), one to give scholarships for citizens of developing countries to train for and obtain maritime certifications, and the other fund to subsidize the pioneering of new training programs in developing nations!  We have carried this vision for the past two and a half years, and it is finally coming to pass! God is good!!!

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” (Luke 10:12) And our vision is to see more laborers trained and serving the kingdom where few have heard the Good News!


logo Maritime academy
Finally received the Maritime Academy branding!


A personal change of seasonings

Coupled with the clear Word of the Lord on being in a season of working on the seeds we already planted, I feel like this is a time for me to slow down a bit and sow into the local community of YWAM Harpenden (UK) and work on Academy administration.

Travel, for me, will be limited this year, but I am looking forward to some time of personal development and possibly even attending a Bible course later in the year (more on that in a future update).  I hope to use this time to gain a little more financial stability with further fundraising and paying off debt from last year.


The Bluewater DTS graduated at YWAM Harpenden just before Christmas!


Visiting Kansas City

Well, my sister (actually aunt and only 3-years older than myself, but we grew up together, so basically my sister) is getting married in June!  Since my birthday is just a week before her big day, I will be coming back to KC for my birthday (first time in 4-years) and the wedding events!

I will be in the metro area from around June 7th to about June 16th.  I hope to see as many people possible in the short time, but will also be back in December to apply for another UK visa (unless the Lord leads elsewhere).

Side note: If anyone has a spare vehicle during my time in KC, I would be very grateful for the use of it!  


Awesome testimony

We have been processing an application for a Fijian applying for the School of Navigation and Seamanship with the YWAM ship, the Next Wave. Yesterday we were going through his visa applications, and ran into issues with the application for Croatia that may have caused him not to attend the course.

TODAY the Fijian and Croatian governments mutually agreed to waive all short-term visa requirements for each other’s citizens!

This makes it so he doesn’t even have to apply for the visa for Croatia!  PRAISE GOD!

Here is the news article:


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